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Mayibuye One Stop Centre

The centre is providing assistance to individuals and groups living in and around the Dambuza area.
The focus is on disadvantaged and vulnerable children within the community and on being able to
make services more accessible to them. To this end a number of different welfare services are
co-ordinated at the centre for community members to access.

Services Providers Based at the Centre :

There are currently six service providers including Child Welfare that are based at the Centre. There is also a stakeholder’s forum initiated by this society last year which consists of 10 organizations. This forum meets once every month for the development of Dambuza and surrounding areas. The service providers have made a huge difference within the community by ensuring the co-ordination of services.

Services Rendered at the Centre:

Homework Supervision Programme:

This programme is facilitated by two locally trained Volunteers. The programme has been a success since its inception. The children are progressing in their studies; the parents are pleased with their children’s progress especially with the English class. We have also received good reports from the local schools in terms of the positive improvement made by our children.


Soup Kitchen / Garden Project:

The Soup Kitchen has over the past few years it grown from feeding 75 children every week day to now feeding more than 220 children. For many of the children this is the only meal each day that they receive. Our vegetable garden on site helps provide much of the vegetables needed for the children and Project Feedback is helping us with different kinds of food to supplement our soup kitchen but apart from the weekly bread we receive these donations are not consistent. Additional support obtained through the local Rotary Club of Pietermaritzburg Azalea is currently sustaining this project for the 2009-2010 year but further ongoing funding is urgently needed.