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Special Projects

Place of Safety (Ekhaya Lethemba)

  • Our place of safety is situated in Havelock Road, Pietermaritzburg.
  • Children between birth and six years are taken in on a place of safety basis.
  • The placement at our place of safety is aimed at not exceeding 6-8 weeks.
  • Ekhaya Lethemba is staffed by 4 full time child care workers and three relief child care workers.
  • The shelter also provides an on-site educare facility (Crèche)
  • A maximum of 18 children can be accommodated
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Due to an increasing demand for short-term care facilities and the fact that the Government has continued to fail to address this problem a second project aimed at accommodating children 7-13yrs is in the process of being established in Dambuza, Edendale. This project will be able to house a maximum of 6 children and it is anticipated the children will be accommodated for a 3-6mths period whilst alternative long-term placements are sourced. The house has been acquired through the Nedbank Community Service Programme and the Department of Housing has funded most of the renovation costs. Start up costs as well as furnishings are being funded by The Rotary Club of Pietermaritzburg Azalea and the Rotary Club of Freistadt Austria as well as the Rotary Foundation. Operational costs are requiring to be sourced for this much needed project.

Special Needs Placement

* Placement of children who are infected/ affected by HIV/Aids with foster parents.
* Recruitment, screening and training of foster parents to take in children who are HIV+.
* Providing support to these foster parents.